Premium Funding

We understand that cash flow is important to manage your ongoing commitments or, if you have a business, to keep it running smoothly.

Pay your insurance premium the smart way!

We’re excited to offer a cash-flow friendly way to pay your insurance premiums. Thanks to our trusted partner, FlexiFund Australia, you can opt for a pay-by-instalment solution on any premium through us.

Don’t put off purchasing that new equipment or miss out on other growth opportunities just because you have insurance premiums due. Speak to our friendly team about how we can help you with a flexible payment plan today

Payment Options

There are more ways to pay your insurance premium. We accept a variety of debit and credit payment options.

Pay On time

We offer direct debit, where we automatically collect payments from your account on a scheduled basis, so you won’t miss a due date.

Budget Better

You can budget more efficiently by having a clear and predictable payment plan. This can assist you in keeping up with ongoing expenses.

Let's get you connected

Have a question or want to speak to an insurance advisor? Get in touch with us using the following options. We look forward to connecting with you.